888 Casino-Rabid Fox Attack On Upstate New York Woman Caught On Video

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An upstate New York woman was viciously attacked from behind by a rabies-infected fox that was seen on security video repeatedly lunging and biting at her.

The woman, who wasn’t identified, sought medical attention immediately and was “OK” after the July 25 attack outside her Ithaca home, according to her cousin, WHP-TV meteorologist Ed Russo, who shared the security footage that has since gone viral.


“A cousin of mine was attacked by a rabid fox in Ithaca, NY,” Russo wrote Tuesday in a since-deleted tweet. “She’s OK. But geez this video is crazy!”

The soundless video shows the woman chatting on the phone in her driveway when the fox approaches from behind and grabs her by the leg. She vigorously kicks until it lets go, but then the predator repeatedly lunges and bites her legs, arms and hand.

The fox finally flees when a man carrying a large stick approaches.

Russo said the fox attacked another person before it was caught and euthanized. It tested positive for rabies, he said.


Foxes, along with raccoons, bats and skunks, are the most common wild animals to carry rabies and transmit the virus to humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fox’s aggressive behavior is typical of animals infected with rabies, which infects the central nervous system. Though serious, the virus is treatable in humans after exposure.

A rabid fox bit several people this spring on Capitol Hill — including a member of Congress.


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