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Winter is coming ... to “The Walking Dead.”

The AMC zombie show had an unintentionally cat-astrophic cliffhanger in Season 10′s penultimate episode, as Beta (Ryan Hurst) led the Whisperers and a massive zombie herd straight to survivors. But then everything came to a halt: Postproduction on the season finale was paused due to the coronavirus, and when the episode will eventually air remains in question.

Now, star Norman Reedus is teasing that it’s going to be worth the wait.

“It’s going to be an epic battle,” Reedus told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s like a full-on ‘Game of Thrones’ super war battle.”


He added, “It was a lot of fun to shoot, but we really pushed the crew and pushed the actors on that one. Everyone really had to dig deep because ... talk about exhausting episodes! There were huge battle scenes until the wee hours of the morning consistently, and it looks so grand on an epic scale. Those battle scenes are going to be legendary.”

Aside from Reedus’ comparison to the HBO show, the sneak peak of the finale also has some allusions to “Game of Thrones.” In a teaser, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) makes a speech similar to one given by Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy).

Father Gabriel using his fist to explain that the surviving communities are stronger when they fight together:


Robert Baratheon using his fist to explain that one united kingdom fighting together is stronger:

Of course, “The Walking Dead” might not want to copy “Game of Thrones” toomuch. The HBO show’s final battle against the undead didn’t get the reaction the cast and crew were hoping for, with many viewers complaining that it was too abrupt and too dark to see anything.

However, on the plus side for “The Walking Dead,” at least their battle takes place during the day.


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Bill Bradley - Entertainment Editor, HuffPost

Bill Bradley

Entertainment Editor, HuffPost

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