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Until this point, you may have thought that the final season of “Game of Thrones” and Greta Gerwig’s 2019 period drama “Little Women” couldn’t be more different. But now, we’d be like, water you even talking about?

Some of the most viral aspects of “Game of Thrones” Season 8 were the scenes featuring a coffee cup and a water bottle that mistakenly appeared in the background. And, even though “Little Women” came out months ago, a similar blunder was just spotted recently.



— mya (@DUNENATION) March 28, 2020

With “Little Women” being available digitally last month, fans have finally noticed a water bottle and tumbler in the background of a scene at the Laurence house. It’s either an accident, or the Laurences are really so rich because they invented bottled water or time travel.

TikTok user @madelynrancourt seems to be the first to discover it, posting about the apparent blunder days ago.


The TikToker also pointed out that the “Little Women” cast actually broke down the scene for Vanity Fair, but failed to mention the water bottle.

Little women, littler water bottles.
Little women, littler water bottles.
Sony Pictures and Vanity Fair

Check it out around the 2:52 mark.

After the revelation, people had some water cooler talk.

good morning to the water bottle in the back of that one shot in little women <3

— zara (@charizaraa) March 29, 2020


— bella (@bellasophiab) March 29, 2020

'Game of Thrones' invented water bottle.
'Little Women' invented hydroflask.

— hbd, kid. (@ariescferrer) March 29, 2020

that water bottle in the background of the little women shot is A a proud of owner of that exact yeti water bottle i had to share

— izzy (@anvatavlorjoy) March 29, 2020

the hydroflask and water bottle in the back of that little women scene

— alice ‎ (@chadwckbose) March 29, 2020

my therapist: the hydroflask and water bottle in the background in little women (2019) isn't real, it can't hurt you.

the hydroflask and water bottle in the background:

— nora (@dynvmos) March 28, 2020

“Little Women,” which got glowing reviews, is available now if you want to pause the scene over and over. Go ahead, drink it in.



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